It’s that time again; Registration Time

Posted: December 3, 2009 in FVTC, Registration, Student Life

With Thanksgiving in the not so distant past and graduation just days away, it was brought to my attention that it’s time to register for spring classes.  Lucky for me I scored a new laptop last weekend and it worked wonderfully for registering.  Once again I didn’t take advantage of early registration, which is offered to current students a few weeks prior to classes being opened to the public.  Most of the classes I was trying to get into were open, but I am waitlisted on a few.  With the increases in enrollment we’ve seen over the past semesters it’s no wonder why they’re filing up fast, I have no one to blame but myself for not doing it sooner.

Something I had never taken advantage of was the digital form of “Take a Class” guide.  Just imagine how many trees could be saved if everyone used the digital version.  It was just as simple as using the paper version, just without all those pesky paper cuts and a sore back from hauling it around.  Pretty cool, now we just have to convince them to do the same with our text books!!

Congratulations to all you students graduating this weekend, I’ll be cheering with you!!

  1. Teri Stark says:

    I will be cheering right along with you and all your fellow marketing graduates. Congratulations on the next big step. Keep pushing the envelope. The world is yours.

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