Back for another year

Posted: January 4, 2010 in Christmas, FVTC, Internship

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone is having a safe and relaxing winter break!

I returned to my internship today after having the last eleven days off.  It was awesome to have some time to catch my breath, but I think I was starting to catch a little bit of cabin fever too.  There are only so many days of movies, TV and video games I can handle.  I didn’t sit around the entire time, but without school or work to get me going for the day I noticed I was beginning my day later and later.  Not exactly the habit I want to let myself get into considering it took almost all of last semester to get acclimated to 8:30am classes.

It felt a little strange pulling into an empty parking lot this morning; it served as an instant reminder that I would be one of the only students in the building today.  It made me feel kind of sad, but only for a moment, eleven days was plenty of rest for me.  It only took a few seconds to remember that I asked to be here, and that I should count my blessings.  I could just be sitting at home waiting for the next semester to start and counting down the days till that financial aid check comes in the mail.  I actually have the opportunity to work over break this year, and I’m look forward to being slightly less financially challenged next semester.

Having all this downtime has also allowed me to get involved in a few other projects I might not have had time for.  This Wednesday I get to be a part of making a video for the Oshkosh Riverside Campus that will be shown at a future educational summit.  I’m not all that sure what that means, but it sounds like fun opportunity!  I have also started to think about the Futuremaker video contest.  Last year I got a very late start and ended up not finishing it in time, but if I could find the right group of people to work with we could have it done well before the February 15th deadline.

Hope your staying warm and healthy over break.  Until next time…


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