Should “FAFSA” be a four letter word?

Posted: January 12, 2010 in FAFSA, FVTC, Registration, Student Life

The countdown to the Spring 2010 semester is nearing an end, and with less than a week before classes start back up it’s a mad dash to get everything in order again.  I made this long list about a month ago, titled everything I need to get done over winter break. Needless to say most of the things on it still need to be done.  Right at the very top of the list, staring at me every time I look is “Fill out 2010 – 2011 FAFSA.”

It should be simple by now, I’ve filled it out for the last five year, but somehow it never becomes any easier.  It’s a fairly straightforward process if I remember correctly…

1)      Gather financial information  (personal/parents’)

2)      Fill out FAFSA online

3)      Repeatedly check FAFSA status on their web site

4)      Monitor MyFVTC to see if I’m awarded Financial Aid

5)      Keep fingers crossed, pray, power of positive thinking, etc.

So step five is optional but I’ve found that the later I submit my FAFSA on the web, the more important step five becomes.  On January first every year the new FAFSA application become available, and if you’re organized you can fill it out before you even get your W2’s back.  The trick is the earlier the better; there are a lot of people involved in the whole process and sometimes the smallest issue can take months to resolve.   If you looking for a way to reduce some stress in your life, fill it out now!


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