Memorial Day Weekend

Posted: June 2, 2010 in Holidays

Well another week of summer vacation is almost in the books and unfortunately it’s pretty much the last one for me.  I miss the days when I had no school or work all summer long; the only thing I had to do was be home on time for supper.  I’m not exactly sure why time seems to pass by so quickly or exactly where it goes; I do know I’d like to slow it down.  Part of my Memorial Day weekend was spent down at my grandma’s house celebrating my youngest sister’s high school graduation.  I can’t believe Sarah’s all done at Germantown High and getting ready to move up to Green Bay this month for college.    Here’s a pic of a few people in my Brady Bunch like family.

I also got out and did a little camping and tubing trip this weekend on the Wolf River.  If you haven’t been there before it’s amazing.  You pile tubes, coolers and people into this big old school bus that just has bench seats along the inside walls, and hold on tight.  After a short cruise they drop you off on the side of the river where you begin your decent down God’s outdoor lazy river.  Its way better than anything in the Dell’s or any other water park I’ve been at, plus there were no screaming children running around (or parents).  It’s nothing but sun and hundreds of other college kids; I’ve never been on a spring break trip but I’m pretty sure this is what it would look like.  I was having so much fun I must have forgot to keep putting on sunscreen because by the time I got off the river I looked like a lobster.  No pain no gain, right?  So I didn’t let it keep me down, and still managed to carry my clubs Monday night for a not so impressive 9 holes.  Oh well, it was nice well it lasted, and who knows maybe my summer class will be really easy and not cut into my “play time.” 

What’s up for next week:

  1. Summer term starts June 7th
  2. Check on Financial Aid for this Fall
  3. Brewers v. Cubs next Wednesday night!!

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