Start of Summer Term

Posted: June 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

Monday was the first official day of the summer term here at FVTC, but since the only class I’m taking is an open lab I still haven’t gone in yet. I’m not trying to push my luck; I actually just realized it was a lab yesterday afternoon when the class never showed up in my blackboard account. I fired up MyFVTC and sure enough I somehow managed to sign up for a Lab class instead of a Net class like I had thought. Oh well, I’m still pretty optimistic that this 2 credit Intro to MS Office Suite class will be really easy. On the other hand the book looks to be about four inches thick which means there could be tons and tons of busy work. I guess I’ll just have to reserve my judgments until after I check out the class tonight. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that both the teacher and I have the same idea of what “self-paced” is.

I also finally got a verdict from the financial aid office, it doesn’t look as though I’ll be getting any help this summer but they did confirm that I’m good to go for the upcoming winter and spring term, although the jury is still out on a few questions/concerns I had. One thing I did notice is that the total amount of funds available to me had increased by almost 25%!! This is something that I feel was long overdue, and even though the majority of the increase is in the form of loans, it is still available funds. As I have discovered over my college career there are a lot more expenses than just books and tuition, no matter how prepared you think you are, you’re probably not. I was commuting to school in the Milwaukee area when Hurricane Katrina hit and had no way to predict that gas would virtually double over night. That semester I bet I spent more on getting to school than I did on tuition, and as disgusting as it sounds it’s a reality. Part of ‘growing up’ is developing a sense of balance in your life, and as long as “student loans” remained a for-profit business; us students were starting further and further in the red. How do our parents, friends and families expect us to claw our way out of debt when they themselves can barely keep the foreclosure notes and repossessions at bay? In a time when no job can be taken for granted and glimpses into the future are measured in days or weeks rather than years; it’s nice to know that there are people out there still very vocal for us students. It may not be the end all solution many people were holding out for, but hey, considering it piggybacked its way into law on the healthcare bill, it’s not half bad. All said and done the standing offer is an increase of $230 in the grants column and $3,000 in the loans column.

A big thanks to everyone working hard to ensure we can continue to go to college!!

What an awesome Brewers game last night, Yo is my hero even though Axford ended up getting the win. Makes me kinda sad I gave up my tickets for tonight, but hopefully I can make some time this weekend when I’m back home to get out to Miller Park. Go Brewers!!!

What’s up for next week?

  • Going to West Bend for a children’s book signing Aunt Tami’s Strawberry Farm (My moms’ new book!!)
  • Maybe getting to Miller park, but at least watch the Brew Crew on TV
  • Getting out and do some twilight golfing @ Far Vu
  • Maybe making some big changes to the look of my blog!!!!

  1. Michael says:

    Take it from an alumni of the Programmer/Analyst program, your MS Office lab is easy.

    • Dan says:

      Hey Michael, I made it through orientation this week… which was only five minutes, and I totally agree with you; It looks way easy!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nice blog Dan. I was wondering how the whole BP will affect everyone in the end. Any thoughts on that?

    • Dan says:

      Thanks! I’m not sure where to start on the whole “BP” situation… I cannot begin to speculate on the economical and environmental ramifications of this “unprecedented” environmental catastrophe, what I do know is that when we do stop the flow of oil purging into the ocean we better not be so quick to forget what happened. We cannot let “big oil” snowball us with a sound bite here and there, all they are doing is providing a scapegoat. What I’m looking for is not necessarily punishment, rather acceptance of responsibility; then and only then will we be able to comprehend the situation in its entirety and transition into being proactive. Gone are the Drill Baby Drill days and if you ask me, good riddance!

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