Another busy week

Posted: June 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

I woke up this morning and finally saw the sun shining, for a while there I thought I was gonna have to build an ark. The chilly last week has really put a damper on my somewhat productive start to the summer. Most of the last week was filled with Tiger Woods ’10 on Wii and watching the World Cup on TV. Go USA!! I also spent a fair amount of time cleaning my house; my roommate moves out this upcoming weekend and I wanted to make sure everything was in order for him. Every spring for the last five school years we have made the college student migration, sometimes just a few blocks over sometimes across town, but every year a new place. Well, since Nick is done with school and works up in Appleton there wasn’t much of a reason for him to stick in town, but I kind of like the place; the neighborhood, location and neighbors are all great. I’ve lived in well over 20 houses in my lifetime, and am actually excited about staying in the same place longer than a year, maybe I’ll finally get around to unpacking and hanging stuff on the wall. Add into that mix the work I’m doing here in my internship, and the side projects it’s inspired me to start in my spare time (more to come) and you can see I have my hands full again; I’m definitely going to enjoy hitting the lake this Sunday for Father’s day.

What’s up for next week…

  • U.S vs. Slovenia Friday
  • Doing a little fishing and wakeboarding
  • Keep chipping away at my MS Office Class

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