Construction Season

Posted: June 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

Anyone who has lived in Wisconsin can tell you that we really only have two seasons; winter and construction.  This year seems to be no different, it’s like every road I’m trying to take has a detour sign.  At home in Oshkosh they have taken out multiple bridges this season, closed down freeway on and off ramps, and tore down KFC on the north side to make way for a roundabout.  I don’t know that this roundabout project will help speed up the flow of traffic or reduce accidents; but I guarantee it will be entertaining to watch people try and navigate around it those first few months.  As annoying as it is to see all the orange barrels in my way, it’s a reminder of the progress and ever changing infrastructure that makes up our society.

Fox Valley Tech is far from being an exception this construction season, all you have to do is pull in the parking lot and you’ll see the large fenced in area by Criminal Justice.  In just a matter of weeks the multipurpose facility has started to sprout from the ground.  With the ability to hold up to 250 people and to be subdivide into multiple smaller meeting rooms, this means come next winter it will be just a little easier to get together here at FVTC.

If that wasn’t exciting enough news for you to fill the hallways with, maybe some construction around the blogosphere will get you going.  In addition to the fresh coat of paint you’re looking at on my blog, I have been informed that I will have a few more bloggers joining me very shortly. I’ve been hammering away at the framework, and I’m excited to say that our President, Dr. Susan May will soon be blogging about things Fox Valley Tech is involved in from her side of the desk; and we’ll also be adding more student bloggers!  So check back and check often because things are really going to be picking up around here!!

  1. Bonnie says:

    Dan, I really like the new look.

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