Dreams of next week off dance in my head…

Posted: June 30, 2010 in Brewers Baseball, FVTC, Holidays, Registration

Another week is in the books, and boy has it been a busy one.  Next week is summer break here, where all FVTC locations will be closed and that means no class or work for this guy!  It’s always exciting to get some time off, but I still have to make it through the next few days first.  Until then I’ll be here slaving away at the computer, working on setting up some new bloggers while dreams of next week off dance in my head.

This past weekend I finally was able to make it down to Miller Park for a game.  I packed up and headed down to Milwaukee early Friday afternoon.  My parents had picked up a set of tickets at a charity event they attended months ago, so we had really been looking forward to this one.  Front row, down the third base line, right behind the dugout is where an usher directed us once we got in the park.  It was incredible; I was basically sitting at eyelevel to the pitcher.  I’ve never had seats this close to the field, and to make it even better the brewers put together a win!  They sure seem to have found a little bit of rhythm since the batting order stabilized and the Ax Man has take over in the 9th.  They dug themselves into a pretty deep hole this first half of the season, but it will sure be fun watching them dig out of it.  Hopefully they can keep the bats going in July.

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention I snagged an Alcides Escobar foul ball Friday!!  Both my brother Eric and I came home with sweet souvenirs!!

Hope you have a fun and safe 4th of July

Where to find me over summer break…

  • Back home on the lake, shreddin’ some wake
  • Hunched over the computer, working on MS Office
  • Golfing, golfing, golfing…
  • Thinking about what classes to take in fall (registrations start July 12th)
  • Watchin’ the Brew Crew



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