Ready to recharge

Posted: July 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

It’s been a couple of weeks again since I was last able to get on here and do any blogging, the summer just seems to keep flying by.  I almost can’t believe July is about to be over, but as long as the rain goes too, I can deal with it.  The last week of July has always marked the last ‘real’ week of summer for me.  For about as long as I can remember I have spent the first week of August up north.  My sanctuary, a place to regain my sanity before returning to the grind for yet another year of school, another year of work, and another year of life.  I always come back filled with ambition; ready to take on the world!  This year things are changing a little, it turns out I’ll be coming back just a week before school starts which mean I have a ton more to get done before heading out in a few weekends.  I wanna make sure I don’t come back to a mess so the usual cleaning and organizing is in order, but I also should probably start getting all my ducks in a row; finalize my class schedule, buying my books and doing some back to school shopping.

If I didn’t already have enough distractions I discovered the show Dexter last night, maybe signing up for the free Netflix trial was a poor decision.  I watched the entire first season last night while I tried to work on homework.  It wasn’t the most productive night ever but I got what I needed done and can take my second last test of the summer today after work.  I’d say wish me luck but it’s a test on PowerPoint, so as long as I’m conscious I should be alright.

Exactly four weeks from now I’ll be sitting in a classroom again.  I’m torn between being excited and wishing it would still stay away for a while… well at least I still have a month to figure it all out.  Is anyone else out there agonizing over this too??


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