About ME

Hi, and thanks for stopping by.  If you don’t already know me, my name is Dan Hahn and I’m a marketing major at Fox Valley Tech!!  I’m originally from Germantown, WI and moved to Oshkosh in 2006 to attend yet another school.  My college career is similar to a lot of people’s out there, multiple schools and multiple majors.  Maybe i wasn’t ready, maybe i was just undecided; but either way I’ve found what i was looking for and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!!

I came to Fox Valley Tech in 2007 in hopes of earning an associates degree in business.  I was through my third year in a chemistry program, and just didn’t know if I could keep working in a lab.  What I was expecting was a change in scenery and that I would quickly return to my “true love.”  I was totally caught off guard by the way I fell for Marketing…  Life is far to short for regrets, but there is plenty of time to share knowledge!!

So here I am, currently doing an internship with Fox Valley Tech and loving it!!  The experience has been so new and exciting, and though those who know me already are probably sick of hearing about it, I love to share these experiences.  I’m a pretty friendly guy so please don’t be afraid to ask questions, leave comments or just let me know how yous days going…

  1. Terri Ward says:

    Hey Dan,
    It’s nice to see “real”. Today’s pressure to enter school and know what you want to do is so different than the 80’s. How does someone know what they want to do without experiencing it. From what you have told me so far…I’m totally impressed by the hands on involvement you have in the Marketing Program. What’s really great about Tech School…is that is seems like something so do-able…even for someone who is 48! We think in terms of years left to work and 6 years of college seems economically foolish! Nice to know there are amazing programs in the Tech setting. Thanks for sharing!

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